Garden to Cup Organics supplies globally sourced, plantation-direct, certified Organic loose leaf teas, herbal blends and tea accessories to the tea and coffee, natural health and gourmet food service industry.

Our Mission

Organic products represents a holistic approach, from the way of cultivating the soil, to the final product reaching the consumer. With the increasing consumer awareness and growing demand for healthy food products and sound, sustainable agricultural practices, the organic food market has become the fastest growing sector of the North American food industry, with the solid continuous growth of approx. 15% annually.

Garden to Cup Organics provides organic farmers in more than 20 countries with access to the North American market. We are the experienced partner, bringing organic teas and herbs from all over the world to wholesalers, distributors, roasters, blenders, nutraceuticals, and specialty manufacturers.

Our goal is to source and blend the world’s finest organic tea and herbs.

With that goal in mind, we:

  • Source natural, organic, sustainably harvested and wild-crafted teas and herbs
  • Closely monitor the quality control standards and protocols at all stages of production to ensure the highest quality and integrity of the product
  • Test all ingredients before and during production, and in its final state to ensure that all quality and safety standards are met
  • Track all the materials, ingredients, and packaging used in our products
  • Use 100% renewable and/or recycled materials in all products, packaging and shipping materials, whenever possible
  • Specify and use re-usable packaging, higher post-consumer recycled or FSC-certified materials, and shipping materials

Our Philosophy

To us the word “organic” is not a buzzword. “Organic” is at the very soul of our our core beliefs  and our business. Organic refers not to natural origins of the botanical plant, but also to the way it is cultivated, produced and processed. Organic agriculture is based on the system of farming that mimics natural ecosystems, thus maintaining and replenishing nutrients and the fertility of the soil. It uses natural ways of pest control, such as frogs, bats, and plants with natural insect repelling properties. It utilizes traditional, time-tested methods of processing. Therefore, organic products are free from harmful chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides.

By providing products that are organic we actively support the process that is good for us today and sustainable for generations to come.

Our Products

Our teas are simply good for you. Sourced directly and masterfully blended using only natural ingredients, they adhere to our strict quality standards and our guiding ethics.

  • 20+ countries of origin
  • 20+ Organic single origin Private Reserve teas
  • 50+ Organic house blends
  • 10+ small batch master blends where every single ingredient is handcrafted right down to the flavorings or botanical extracts
  • 20+ organic dried fruits and botanicals
  • proprietary draw-string tea bags
  • tea pots
  • tea accessories

Our Quality

At Garden To Cup Organics, quality is at the heart of our business. We believe that the key to producing world class tea is our rigorous Quality Management System. This system guide our actions to deliver products and services that are safe, compliant and preferred by our clients. They are essential to our goal of being recognized and trusted as the premiere organic tea company in North America.

Organic Certification lies at the heart of our quality matrix. Every tea and herb from Garden To Cup is Certified Organic meeting both the NOP (USDA Organic) and the Canada Organic Regime standards.

Organic Quality starts at the plantation level. Every farm we purchase from has been visited by one of our tea specialists. When products arrive, we inspect each individual pallet. Our QMS team taste-tests every sample and administers a full microbiology screening from a government accredited food laboratory when required. Moisture, breakage, and any other defects are carefully monitored. Our staff works diligently to foster a culture of cleanliness and quality on every level.

At the end, every tea that exits our facility meets exacting standards for freshness, taste, aroma and hygiene.


Our Capacities

  • Experts in natural, organic and specialty tea products.
  • Expertise at matching any taste profile and develop distinctive custom blends.
  • 160 kg of tea per day, with our three artisan blenders
  • 14,000 kg of tea per day with our state-of-the-art grand rotary blender
  • Experienced industry professionals with the passion, skills and knowledge to help substantially grow your business.
  • Serves clients throughout Canada and United States, with distribution centers in Canada, East Coast USA, and West Coast USA.

Our Team

We strive to be respectful, supportive and compassionate to one another; to be productive, creative and open minded in our daily lives; to achieve, advance, and thrive in a healthy workplace.

Our Responsibility

  • to champion meaningful pursuits
  • to support equality by example and collaboration
  • to foster sustainability, ecologically, economically and collectively
  • to infuse good things into the world and enrich the lives we touch

Our Partners

Our goal is to build strong and enduring business relationships by keeping our commitments, managing efficiently, communicating clearly, negotiating fairly, and consistently delivering premium products with integrity, reliability and trust.