Direct Sourcing

The hallmark of Garden To Cup Organics is our ingredient sourcing service.  Thanks to our long-standing  relationships with farmers and producers, we have direct access to the world’s finest natural raw ingredients; from freeze-dried Pacific blueberries to Croatian chamomile flowers, from Darjeeling 1st Flush to award-winning West Lake Dragon Well green tea.

The depth and scope of our sourcing relationships gives us the ability to:

  • ensure exceptional quality and access to rare organic teas and botanicals
  • offer great scalability tailored to meet the client’s unique needs
  • provide a reliable supply chain

Garden to Cup’s deep and secure supply chain minimizes any supply disruption risk for our clients.


Custom Blending

Garden To Cup Organics offers its clients a comprehensive custom tea program designed to help them create their own niche in today’s crowded tea market. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to our clients’ needs. From custom formulations in the private label tea program, to matching best-selling flavors on the market, our team of experts specializes in blending hot and iced teas to offer specialty retailers and food service providers a wide range of option to meet their individual needs.

We utilize confidentiality agreements, securely protecting your ingredient lists and any trade secrets. We quote you the estimated costs, establish a time frame for production, and create a service contract with you. We produce your formulas, and can procure commercially available ingredients. We co-pack products to your required specifications. The finished products are completed and shipped to you. This is the Garden To Cup difference. Let us help you develop the next enduring tea brand.


Product Selection

All our loose leaf teas are directly sourced and masterfully blended using only organic ingredients.

  • 20+ countries of origin
  • 30+ organic single origin teas
  • 50+ organic house blends
  • 20+ organic dried fruits and botanicals

In addition to our premium teas, Garden to Cup Organics offers scientifically formulated medicinal blends, functional phytoceutical blends.
Garden to Cup Organics also supplies fine tea accessories manufactured to meet our quality and sustainability standards.


GCO Bespoke Collection

For tea connoisseurs and those who value rarity and sophistication in their most authentic forms, Garden to Cup Organics introduces The Bespoke Collection, a truly one of a kind, exceptional creation.

GCO Bespoke collection is more than fine tea. It is a work of art, hand-crafted to order exclusively for you by our own, internationally acclaimed Tea Master, Gregory Lui.

This truly unique, ambitious offer invokes both heritage and authenticity to bring you the purest expression of luxury tea.

Exclusively for Four and Five Diamond hotels, resorts and restaurants.


Infinite Possibilities

Garden to Cup Organics offers a full range of highly customizable packaging options allowing to accommodate a wide variety of products and specialty markets needs. Our offer includes:

  • single-serve bio-pyramid tea bags
  • single-serve pillow bags
  • single-serve powder sachets
  • loose leaf tea biodegradable bags
  • loose leaf tea tin canisters
  • biodegradable drawstring filters

Garden to Cup Organics will work with you to select the most viable packaging option to suit your product and market.